I have spent a lot of time researching natural cancer treatments. The internet is awash with outrageous claims of magic cures and herbs, teas, lotions and potions claiming to be the next best thing. There is a lot of nonsense out there. But there is a lot of good information too and lots of cancer survivors sharing their stories and what they did to heal. Anything I share here has been relevant to my healing journey and I deem it worthy of a recommendation.

Some of my favourites…

Websites is a one stop shop for all things cancer. It gives information on all sorts of treatments and protocols, causes of cancer, types of cancer, nutrition, latest research, advice on clinics, how to fund treatment, videos and stories from survivors and much more. It is an incredible resource and it’s all FREE! is one of my favourites. It is an amazing collection of stories from survivors and Chris tells his own survival story. If you’re looking for miracle stories, this is the place to go. Chris has survivor stories on his YouTube channel from people who have healed stage 4 cancer naturally. It is encouraging to hear other peoples stories and know it can be done! is the United States National Library of Medicine. There are thousands of articles published on here related to natural cancer treatments. I will link to some of them later when relevant. is a comprehensive cannabis information resource which gives information on strains, hybrids, latest research, various products, events and politics. It gives practical information too on managing sleep, depression, productivity and lots of other health related issues.


The Happy Pear Cookbook. For anyone who is not familiar with the Happy Pear, they are twins from Co. Wicklow who became interested in healthy eating and opened a whole foods grocery and cafe in Greystones. They are hugely popular and now have a second book and are expanding their cafe’s throughout Dublin. They have products in supermarkets nationally including soups, pestos and smoothies. This book is mostly vegan but has some vegetarian recipes. A great starter book for anyone looking to get into healthy eating.

Forks Over Knives CookbookThis is new to my collection but it has instantly impressed me. There are over 300 vegan recipes and the ingredients aren’t too hard to come across. Here’s a delicious millet stew I made from the book a few weeks ago…


Eat Yourself Beautiful – Rosanna Davison CookbookI use this book a lot, it’s great for sweet treats like the ‘amazeballs’ I made below. It’s nice to still be able to feed the sweet tooth with a refined sugar free diet. Lots of raw bites in this book too so great for anyone trying to eat more raw food. I first got this book a few years ago and I remember reading that Rosanna said she prefers healthy food now over junk after eating it for so long. I thought I’d never get to that stage, where I would reach for fruit or veg before pizza or chocolate. But now that has happened to me! I naturally go for the healthier option now, it’s true, it can happen!!


Ketogenic Kitchen CookbookAlthough I don’t follow this diet anymore, there are some good recipes in the book which I still use. I don’t try to eat a 75% fat diet but I do try to keep carbs low and this book is perfect for that. The science part behind the keto diet and the personal stories of the two authors are very interesting too.

Mindfulness For Life- Oli DoyleBecoming more mindful, slowing down and taking stock has been a big part of healing for me. This book has been a great guide in finding some inner peace which I think is essential to living a happy life.

Dying To Be Me – Anita MoorjaniThis book is a remarkable story of a woman who was on deaths door with advanced lymphoma and made a full recovery. Inspirational and something for me to focus on, it can happen to anyone.

Healing Breast Cancer Naturally – Dr Veronica DesaulniersOne of the best books I’ve had the pleasure of reading on this journey (Thanks Eil!). This woman healed herself of Breast Cancer naturally and goes through 7 essential steps to healing. It’s overwhelming to start but once you get into it and make the changes, the results start happening.

Videos and Documentaries

Forks over knives (Netflix)

Rick Simpson Oil (YouTube)

Square One Course (

The Truth About Cancer (

Food Matters (Netflix)


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