Over the past year, I have been on a quest to heal my body with the most natural methods possible. I have come across every anti-cancer fruit, juice, supplement known to man and I have taken them all. None were strong enough for me in the end and I had to revert to more extreme conventional methods but I still use a lot of natural supplements to compliment my healing.


I use these probiotics daily to help keep my gut and immune system healthy. They are essential for me while I’m undergoing chemotherapy. I have used them in the past for anything from a head cold to a more serious infection. They are the opposite of an anti-biotic and work at healing the gut. Important for anyone who has undergone a course of anti-biotics, they help repair the immune system after being sick. Find them here


I use the infants blend probiotics for Ali when she has any kind of a sniffle or cough. I even use it sometimes if I catch a glimpse of it in the fridge and she hasn’t had any in a while. It comes in powder form and I mix it in with her yoghurt and she doesn’t even notice. She is almost three now and has never been sick or had an anti-biotic. We are very lucky with her health so far! Find it here.


I’ve been using this product on and off for years. It doesn’t taste the best and I’m not very good at taking it often but it is full of omega fatty acids and is essential for brain, heart and bone health among others. A spoon a day is all that’s required, I mix it in with smoothies sometimes to disguise it! Find it here.


Another product I’ve been using for years. It is brilliant for a sore throat or when you feel a cold coming on. I don’t take it regularly at the moment due to my ketogenic diet but I will always have it in the press if I feel my throat going. Find it here.


I do not like the taste of this oil at all. It doesn’t actually taste bad but I’ve taken so much of it over the past year while following the budwig protocol, I got really sick of it. I wasn’t very good at taking it twice a day, maybe that’s why it didn’t work for me! But there’s no denying the health benefits. It is full of omega fatty acids, carotene and vitamin E. I still have a bottle in the fridge which I sneak into smoothies to increase my omega intake. Find it here.


This is another product I don’t really like the taste of. Why do the most beneficial ones always taste the worst? Spirulina is a superfood and is referred to as natures most complete source of nutrition. It is full of all sorts of goodness. When I was following the alkaline diet, spirulina was listed as one of the most alkaline foods there is. Another one to sneak into smoothies to disguise the taste! Find it here.


Mushrooms have been commonly used to treat health issues for hundreds of years and more recently, as anΒ anti-cancer treatment.Β I take various mushroom blends at the moment. They are part of the treatment protocol provided by the clinic I attend. Reishi mushrooms like the ones above are the main ingredient along with turkey tail and shiitake. Find reishi mushroomsΒ here.