Kitchen equipment

I have been on every anti-cancer diet going over the past year from alkaline, to plant based, fully organic, juicing and ketogenic. Now, my diet is organic ketogenic. Almost all of the food I eat has to be homemade to ensure there are no toxins in it and that it is in line with the ketogenic diet. With that in mind, I have had to invest in a lot of kitchen equipment to make life a little easier for myself. Here are some of the items I use and love.


This spiralizer is a new addition to my kitchen. I had a small hand held one but it was very annoying to use and the noodles never came out right. This one is much easier to use and now that I can’t eat carbohydrates anymore, I use courgette noodles as a replacement. I miss the texture of real pasta but they don’t give that bloated feeling so I much prefer them now. And if cooked just right, you would barely notice the difference!


The water in the town I live in has been polluted since as far back as I remember. It has never been fit to drink. So we have had to invest in a water filter which would give the most pure water possible. Remember, I’m trying to heal my body and need to keep it as toxin free as possible so it can do the job at hand. This Berkey filter is brilliant, we made a really good choice going with this brand. It is free standing and doesn’t have to be hooked up to taps or the house water system which is handy for us as we are renting at the moment. It removes flouride, viruses, bacteria, lead, chlorine and pretty much any toxin you can think of. It is very cheap too compared to house fitted filter systems which can cost thousands. I think it cost about €350 and it has a lifetime guarantee.


I have had one of these Matstone juicers for a few years now and have got a lot of use out of it. It’s another product that has a lifetime guarantee making the €200+ price tag worth it. It is a slow juicer which makes juicing large amounts a bit of a pain as you’d be there all day (which I have many a time!) and fruit and veg need to be chopped up to fit in the chute but there is very little waste and the juice is all cold pressed which is better as the juice stays fresh for longer.

I have cut as much plastic out of my kitchen as possible. Gone are the left over take away chinese food tubs and in their place are glass and steel boxes. They are very durable and will last forever. Also, I can pop them in the oven. Very handy when heating up dinners from the freezer. Another plastic product I have replaced is straws. I love to use straws and have changed over to these glass ones.


I love my Nutribullet and use it most days. Before I had cancer and changed my lifestyle, I used to use it to make Strawberry daquiris. It crushes ice so perfectly and makes lovely slushy cocktails! Nowadays, I use it to make nut milk, pancake batter, smoothies, soups… it is a brilliant piece of kitchen equipment and it doesn’t take up much space which is important in my tiny kitchen!

This Thermomix is by far the most expensive piece of kitchen equipment I have ever seen or heard of. My sister Sandra had been telling me to get one for months but I didn’t know how brilliant it was until she came home from Australia with hers at Christmas time. It is pretty much a little robot chef. We used it over the couple of weeks she was here and I was convinced to get one straight away. If you make as much of your own food as I do, it is almost essential to have something like this in the kitchen. I use 100% raw ingredients in everything I make. I don’t use anything out of a packet which is pretty inconvenient and time consuming but it’s the only way to ensure I know exactly what I’m eating. The Thermomix has been a Godsend to me as it has saved me lots of time and effort. It can make pretty much everything. It has a computer on board and gives you step by step instructions in how to make anything from bread to sauces to whole dinners. It is a high speed blender so it can make things such as nut butters and nut flours which I use a lot of. It is pretty pricey at just over €1,200 but it has been worth every penny to me. I couldn’t live without it now.