Since July 2018, I’ve moved the majority of my writing over to my Patreon page. Patreon is a subscription site where artists, writers, musicians can share the content they create. The idea behind subscribing is that you become a patron of the person creating the content you consume. Like century’s ago when people became a patron of the arts. Same thing but in the modern form of a website. It’s a way for creators to make a living for the work they do. So much of the content created and shared on the internet is either free or ad driven. Having a space to share content on Patreon ensures that is no need for ads or for selling or promoting products. Seems a fair deal, if someone is putting time and energy into creating, getting paid for it is pretty much essential to the generation of that content.

If you like my writing and would like to see more, I have lots of articles and essays on my Patreon page on topics such as:

Health updates

Healing modalities and my experiences of them

Shamanic journeying

Confronting death

Big life decisions

Conversations about dying

Feeling the feelings

And loads more…

You can become a patron for as little as $1/month and you can cancel any time. It is not a direct debit from your bank account, it comes off your debit or credit card. And believe me when I say that this Patreon account has changed my life, it has given me a safe space to share my most personal posts online (which I love to do but trolls love to rip apart) and it has given me a monthly income which I splurge on my very extravagant and expensive health condition related lifestyle! So thank you very, very much for your support.

Link to my Patreon page is here if you would like a look and consider joining!