Welcome and thank you for visiting my website! My name is Mairead McDermott and I obnoxiously adopted the name Mairead McWellness when I was catapulted into a do or die health condition in 2016. I chose to do. To do well, to become well, to live and breathe wellness. I chose to step into those shoes and fill them to the best of my ability. I am here to tell the tale… It’s been quite a whirlwind… back to the start…

I was diagnosed with aggressive, stage 4 breast cancer in August 2016. It had spread to my liver. The prognosis wasn’t good, a year or two with treatment, a few months without. I chose not to accept that. I knew I could heal my body. I had a strong belief that I would be OK, that I would get through it. I didn’t know how at the time but my gut instinct was not to accept the palliative chemotherapy being offered to me. I didn’t make a bucket list or plan my funeral. Instead, I gave myself a goal of regaining a healthy body within a year. 13 months later in September 2017, a PET scan showed no evidence of disease. I had healed my body. I had achieved the impossible. I knew it could be done!

I used a combination of conventional medicine, supporting alternative methods and a lot of inner work. I realised that treating the symptom would not be enough to ensure it didn’t return, I had to get to the root and fix it from there. It took a lot of digging and at times was dark and overwhelming but I have come through to the other side intact and healthier, happier and more grounded than before. I was a product of my past, my conditioning and my environment and I wasn’t very nice to myself. I experienced anger and rage, impatience and judgement. I was a difficult teenager and an obnoxious 20 something year old. I had an inner critic who shouted loud and swallowed up the confident little girl who was once told by her teacher she could be president of Ireland. Of course I didn’t realise any of this until I started to dig. Through various therapies and study of quantum physics and the subconscious mind, I found that the person I had become held toxic thoughts and behavioural patterns that would manifest in a serious illness.

Stage 4 cancer forced me to change. I had the choice to live or die. I chose to live and change came in the form of releasing these toxic thoughts and behavioural patterns which have given me not only freedom from my loud inner critic and self-destructive behaviour, but it has given me my health back. I truly believe that I would not be here today had I accepted palliative chemotherapy and ignored the wakeup call cancer gave me. That wakeup call allowed me to explore the inner workings of my body and mind, to find what went wrong and to heal it at the root. It has given me a chance to be a better person, to do better for my family and to contribute to my community. I started blogging about my journey under almost two years ago. I write about my own health, share photos and videos about health and wellness related topics on my blog and social media pages, I run a monthly Soundbath event in my home town of Strokestown, Co. Roscommon which has become hugely popular and I also offer Thermography and personal development services.

I started my business in March 2018 with a view to providing services to help people in a similar situation to myself. I had a serious health condition which needed monitoring and I knew that conventional scanning devices could be harmful when overused. I knew that exposing my already fragile body to regular bouts of radiation from CT scans and mammograms was not a good idea. I came across Thermography as a scanning method and decided it would be a good alternative for me to keep an eye on my body. Thermal image body scanning is non-invasive, 100% safe and painless and allows me to see if there is any abnormal thermal activity happening in my body. Breast cancer can create inflammation and increased blood flow to the breasts in a process known as angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the creating of blood vessels by tumours in order to supply them with fuel. Angiogenesis creates a unique thermal pattern which can be easily identified with thermal imaging. Regular thermography scans allow me to keep an eye on my body as well as MRI, CT and 6 monthly PET scans. I trained as a Thermographer last year and have many clients from all over the country who use the service to keep an eye on their bodies.

I was hugely interested in training in the mind-body connection with the understanding that our bodies respond to what our minds feed it with. In my case, toxic thoughts and behaviours led to disharmony in the body leaving it vulnerable to disease. Without healing the mind, the body would not be able to follow suit. The problem with the medical system we use and engage in, is that it treats the symptoms and not the cause. If you present with a health condition, more often than not, the symptoms will be treated with a variety of medication or surgical procedures… how often is there an investigation into the root cause of the illness or condition? This is not the fault of your GP, they are under immense pressure to see you in a short amount of time as their waiting rooms are full of others who need them too. Hospitals are overcrowded, nurses and doctors are overworked and waiting lists are years long in some cases. Our healthcare system is broken. It’s clear it doesn’t work. Cancer rates are higher than ever before and are predicted to keep growing to 1 in 2 people by 2020. We are treating the symptoms and not the cause. I truly believe that if we work on getting our bodies in harmony, being kinder to ourselves, connecting to others, to nature, to ourselves… a lot of the health conditions we see in our wider communities can be prevented.

I gained another qualification in January of this year which would add to my desire to help people through my work. My past experience as a secondary school guidance counsellor and degree in psychology would lay the foundation for this new area of work. Over the past year, I trained as a Quantum Thinking Technologies Practitioner (QTT). A mouthful eh? And what the hell is it? It’s rooted in the mind-body connection and in quantum physics and allows me to work with people who are stuck, overwhelmed, live in fear want to feel better. I use various techniques which allow people to ‘Let Shit Go’. Permanently. I attended a QTT practitioner several times on my healing journey and I found it to be the most profound method of healing the inner processes of my mind which were causing toxic thoughts and behaviours. The work has been transformative and has filtered through all aspects of my life. My positive outlook is unshakable, a vital aspect of my survival! I knew I had to train as a QTT practitioner and offer the service to others to want to improve their lives.

The healing journey doesn’t end there. I continue to work on my health daily. Maintaining good health has become a full time job and it is my main priority in life. I have regained a healthy body and keeping it that way is vital. I use both conventional medicine and holistic healing methods including sound healing, kinesiology, bio-energy, acupuncture, healthy eating, psychotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, homeopathy and shamanic healing. I have mentors, teachers and practitioners who have helped me get to where I am today and help me to stay healthy. It is a truly holistic approach to health care. Working on my mental wellbeing as well as physical health has been the key to my success and it is so important to me to maintain both aspects. I keep my feet rooted in both the alternative and conventional healing worlds. I am under the care of oncology teams in both Ireland and Turkey and this integrative approach is what I have found to work for me. I initially rejected chemotherapy as it was offered as a palliative treatment. Palliative care wasn’t for me. I was 32 with a 1.5 year old at home. It wasn’t an option. I’m glad I rejected it at the time. If I had gone down that path, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be here to tell you my story. I used low dose chemotherapy as part of my healing process in a wonderful integrative clinic in Turkey where both conventional and complimentary medicine are used.

I have had ‘no evidence of disease’ since September 2017. I put this down to the integrative, holistic approach I took. I became my own health boss. I took my care into my own hands. I researched, took risks, tried, failed, tried again, found what works for me and continue to thrive in a healthy body with a positive outlook and a sense of inner peace. I want to help you achieve the same. The inner work and ‘letting shit go’ was the most profound healing tool for me and is the reason I trained as a QTT practitioner. I know any health condition can be overcome or at least managed if a person is given the right tools to do so. I know humans are able to live long lives with what are known as terminal illnesses. I know what I have achieved and I want to share that with the world. It’s too good not to! I know some people reading this might think it’s too good to be true but I have lived this journey, I have blogged about it every step of the way and I have been open and honest about my choices, even though at times my family thought I was crazy. But I’m still here, 100% of me, a better version than before cancer!

Thank you for reading!



  1. Hi Mairead….hope you are well since the retreat and you are feeling ‘ released’. I have read your site and your daughter is so sweet….please let me know what I can do to help. You need a ‘donation’ link so we can all forward your details and people can ‘donate’ there and then ….otherwise life gets in the way again ! I was so great to share the retreat with you and all the others. You are so brave and strong, and you have everything to fight for. We are here to support you !!! Remember I mentioned the iridology guy in Waterford ( I know you are fed up of advice) but his name is David Burke and he is amazing and very human !!

  2. Hi Mairead
    wonderful to here your results. So encouraging for Cancer patients & thoes who care for them. (I ‘m a nurse)
    Wishing you continue great health & Thank you. Maeve

  3. I’m so interested in your blog. I was diagnosed with TNBC over 3 years ago. I have achieved NED twice in that time. Yes, after a few months it came back each time, but it took me back to 0 which was a great feeling. I have had aroung 90 sessions of chemo and am still on it. I love your spirit and your true grit. My only concerns would be being away from my family for months at a time, when every day of being with them matters and also the expense of the alternative treatments, diets and therapies. I am well and I am happy and I also help other woman through my closed FB Support group TNBC Stage 4. I think you are incredible and a big inspiration. All the very best to you my Darling and your love family. Joyce (Green) ❤️

      • I was lucky enough to be treated by Prof Justin Stebbing for two years. He was the one who got me to NED twice and the reason I am still here. I am doing really well. I know a few ‘walking miracles’ one is at 18+ years, another 8+ years. Hope looms large in my life and I try to help others in the same boat as much as I can. It is so important for women to feel informed and to empower themselves and not just sit back and take it – whatever it is… taking back some control over your life is really important. I really wish you all the best… ❤️

  4. I respect you for going on your own journey and doing it all on your own terms, I think it is wonderful and you are so strong and determined. I read this a few months ago and it has weighed on me, it has come into my head almost every day.

    I want to tell you:
    Could it be that your inner critic is telling you that you brought this on yourself by listening to your inner critic?
    As far as anyone knows, thoughts do not cause cancer, that’s the kind of thing inner critics say. Cancer happens to all kinds of people with all kinds of thoughts.
    What does the inner critic want? What might be motivating it to tell you that you brought this on yourself?

    It is of course up to you what you believe, you have very different experiences to me and have read and thought about this at length and explored it, and I absolutely respect where you are coming from. But I had to write that because it was weighing on me, as I said. You are an amazing person and I wish you all the best. Do ignore this message if it’s a headwreck.

    • Thank you for your comment Cats. I don’t believe that my thoughts alone brought on cancer, I know it was a multitude of things that came together to cause it, I’ve done a lot of digging and have found more or less the causes. But I do believe that constant negative thoughts can keep the body sick so it’s important to work on releasing those and allowing some positivity and harmony to exist in the body. Lots of studies done on said importance. My inner critic is very much in check, it’s pretty non existent compared to pre-cancer! It’s all a learning curve eh? Thanks again for the comment and the concern xx

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