My Story

In August 2016, I was diagnosed with stage 4 triple negative breast cancer. I was offered palliative chemotherapy by doctors. I chose to find another way of healing my body. I wanted to live for a long time, palliative chemotherapy was not an option. This blog is the story of what I have done to heal my body. I received a clear PET scan in September 2017. Doctors couldn’t find any evidence of disease. I achieved something I was told couldn’t be done. If you want to know more, start at the beginning…. It’s been a wild ride!


  1. Hi Mairead….hope you are well since the retreat and you are feeling ‘ released’. I have read your site and your daughter is so sweet….please let me know what I can do to help. You need a ‘donation’ link so we can all forward your details and people can ‘donate’ there and then ….otherwise life gets in the way again ! I was so great to share the retreat with you and all the others. You are so brave and strong, and you have everything to fight for. We are here to support you !!! Remember I mentioned the iridology guy in Waterford ( I know you are fed up of advice) but his name is David Burke and he is amazing and very human !!

  2. Hi Mairead
    wonderful to here your results. So encouraging for Cancer patients & thoes who care for them. (I ‘m a nurse)
    Wishing you continue great health & Thank you. Maeve

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