38. Big news….

Today I launch my business… McWellness Mind & Body. It is a proud day and something which has come out of this whole journey of healing my body from stage 4 cancer. It’s like all paths have been leading to here in a way. I’m cancer free and undergoing maintenance treatment but I’m raring to go with a new challenge and adventure!

no fear

You’re mad to start a business! Sure you’re only just over the cancer. And you’re still going for treatment! Calm down, take it easy for another while and then you can get going with whatever plans you have… Do you think I listened? I’ve never really listened to the advice of others. I doubt you’re surprised about that! I’m more of a do what I please kinda gal. Call it going by instinct, listening to my inner voice if you will. It’s louder than most external voices. It’s something I’ve become good at, listening to my body and mind and going with it. And it hasn’t let me down yet. So what is this new business you speak of? Well I’m going to do some shameless promotion of myself here. It’s my blog, I can do whatever I want!

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What is Thermography?

I have mentioned thermography several times in recent blog posts so if you’ve been following me for a while, you might have an idea what it is. Thermography or thermal imaging is a clinical scanning technique which is non-invasive, painless and doesn’t use radiation. Images are captured using a digital infrared thermal camera. These images record thermal patterns in the body which can identify abnormalities. The images are interpreted by a medical doctor and a detailed report is given to the patient with a rundown of findings and recommendations for action or further investigation if required.

Why do I use it?

I have used thermography to keep an eye on my body in the past and I continue to monitor it with this method. Why? Because it’s non-invasive (no needles, dye or squashing body parts!), painless, it’s not harmful and it’s very good at picking up abnormalities. I use it to monitor my health so I can have a head start if there’s anything happening inside. I have been cleared of all active cancer for the past 6 months but having been stage 4, I’m at high risk of reoccurrence and having a tool like thermography to monitor my body is essential. I started getting thermography scans last year in a bid to keep an eye on any changes taking place in a safe way. I have had every scan there is and each of them has its own risks and limitations. Radiation and radioactive dye are a cause for concern as high levels of both have been found to be toxic to the body. Thermography is a safe way to have a look inside and monitor any changes. When it comes to cancer, thermography is not a diagnostic tool, but none of the other scans are either. The only way to diagnose cancer is with a biopsy. All types of scans help create a whole body picture which can be used in conjunction with biopsies to identify areas of cancer in the body. Thermography is an excellent ‘finger pointer’ for anything suspicious which may warrant further investigation. It can identify areas of inflammation which other scans cannot see. Heat patterns can tell us a lot about what is going on in the body.

Breast Health

Breast thermography is very popular in America. It can identify subtle physiological changes which accompany breast disease whether it is cancer, infection, vascular disease, hormonal or fibrocystic. With breast cancer, cells double on average every 90 days in people under the age of 50. Aggressive types can grow faster. Tumours take years to grow to the size they can be seen or felt. By the time a tumour is big enough to show up on a mammogram, it may be already very advanced and will have been growing for years. Thermography scans can see changes at a much earlier stage. The picture below shows the stage at when thermography can identify changes which indicate doubling of cells or tumour growth. Mammography can detect the same but at a much later stage, often when it’s very advanced like in my case.

cell doubling rate

Early detection = better treatment options = best outcome.

What your treatment options are is up to you. If it’s caught early enough, you have time to try various treatments and monitor what is working. Trust me when I tell you, you don’t want to get to stage 4! Treatment options are very limited and survival rates are appalling.

Can it be used for anything else?


Thermography scans can be used as a full body health check, whether there are symptoms or not. It can be used to identify pain, fibromyalgia, deep vein thrombosis, blocked arteries, sports injuries, back pain… The following list (but not limited to) can be identified and monitored by thermography.



Back Pain

Breast disease

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Disc Disease


Herniated Disc


Ligament Tear

Muscle Tear

Nerve Impingement

Nerve Trauma

Nerve Root Irritation



Pre-Diabetes Symptoms


Referred Pain Syndrome

Ruptured Disc

Sensory Loss

Skin Abnormalities

Soft Tissue Injury


Stress Fracture

Stroke Screening

Vascular Disease


Trigger Points


I have shared case studies of various conditions including breast cancer over on my website. If you are worried about your breast health or your health in general and would like to make an appointment, please have a look at my website where you can find out more information. I am officially open for business! Hooray!



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