27. Getting the all clear in stage 4 cancer (tnbc)  – winning the lotto of life 

Someone said to me last week when I got my clear scan results that I should go play the lotto immediately. Was it because I was that lucky I might win? The truth is, I’ve won the lotto of life and it’s better than all the money in the world. And I wasn’t lucky to win. I worked hard for it. The hardest I’ve ever worked at anything in my life. I’ve proven to myself that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I never tried that hard before to achieve anything. I had been pretty successful in life up to this, I have several college qualifications, always had a job and never really wanted for much. But now that I have discovered what I’m capable of, watch out world! My primary school principal told me I could be president of Ireland someday. At the time I believed her but somewhere along the way I lost that belief in myself. Well I’m happy to say it’s back. I believe in me again. It’s taken healing my body back to health from a stage 4 cancer diagnosis to get to this point. Anything is possible and I truly believe that. And you should too if you’re in the same boat I was. Doctors aren’t always right, it doesn’t mean you have to die. It is possible to get back to full health.

I have witnessed first hand four stage 4 clients in the clinic get a clear scan result in the last 3 months. It is truly remarkable. The doctors are pioneering a new type of cancer treatment merging conventional with alternative and it is working. It’s the stuff of miracles and I’m privileged to be part of it. Here is a study they published earlier this year showing a lady with a very similar diagnosis to me. I am so thankful that I found the clinic and that I chose it over the other two I was considering. I made the right choice, I went with my gut. Like I have all along this past year. I have known what to do and I have listened to myself and my body. The next step along this path will be no different. I have trusted in myself and in the process so far and I’m not going to change that now. I honestly don’t know what the next step is for me yet, I’m taking a couple of weeks to let that become clear. I’m taking a break and letting this lovely feeling of joy continue. I’m living in the moment and for the first time in a year, I’m in a relaxed state. I can finally breathe. Do you know how it feels to be on the edge of what if? I knew I was going to be ok but I still had the threat in my body. It’s not conducive to living a relaxed lifestyle. Now I can actually sit back and take a few moments before I get back on the path to maintain my health. I’ve got my health back. I’ve got my life back. Now people are terrified I’m going to fuck it up my making the wrong choices in regards to maintenance. Do you not know by now that I haven’t made a wrong decision yet? I regret very little that has happened on this journey so far. Every step has led to the next one. And I’ve learned from everything along the way. It’s been quite the journey with plenty of pivotal moments. The only regret I have is that I kept going back to the hospital and I kept letting the words of doctors get into my head. They nearly killed me with their words. People have been asking me if I’m going to go and show my clear scan result to the ice queen. The answer is no. The hospital is the last place I’ll be going. Why would I risk all I’ve worked so hard for, for her to tell me it’ll come back and it will kill me? I know that’s what she’ll say. Why put myself in that position? I feel a social responsibility to share this news and show her and others that it can be done but you know what, that’s what this blog is for. So share this with everyone you know and get the word out. I’m doing my bit here, I don’t need to put my newly gotten second chance of life at risk to do that.

So what’s next for Mairead McWellness? I honestly don’t know and I’m not worried about that. I’m excited about what’s next and it will come to me in its own time. It’s been an exciting road so far and now that the threat of dying is off the cards, it’s about to get a lot more exciting. The universe provides. You just need to know what you want from it and it can be yours. I wanted my health and my life back and I got it. I think you have to want something so bad and work so hard to get it and it can be yours. Anything you want can be yours. What do you really want from your life? Your mountain is waiting… (link to burning man)
I couldn’t have achieved the impossible without the help of a lot of people. I’ve had people believe in me from the start and without that support, I wouldn’t be here. Don’t stop believing in me now, I will make the right choices in how to maintain my health and I’ll be around for a long time. I can’t live in fear of this coming back. If it does, I’ll tackle it again. I’m going to work very hard at keeping my body healthy and I hope it never comes back. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to make sure that doesn’t happen!

I want to thank everybody who supported me from believing in me, helping me to get through treatment, minding Ali while we were away, making me food, saying prayers, sending cards and well wishes through to fundraising and donations. You have all played your part in saving my life. I’m here because of you and you have all made a huge difference in mine and my families life. I am forever grateful and indebted to you. I am looking forward to giving back in any way I can. Thank you all for being part of this. It’s been an incredible experience and very humbling. I have barely left the house since I got home so I haven’t seen many people yet but I’m looking forward to sharing the joy with you all and there’s talk of a celebration happening in a couple of weeks in Strokestown. We celebrated over the weekend but we were so tired from Istanbul that we didn’t make it out. See you all soon and thanks again, you helped me save my life. What’s better than that?


  1. So happy for you Mairead. Here’s to the rest of a long, happy, healthy life. You should really consider writing a book from start to finish of the journey you have just been on . A lot of people out there need your inspiration and a light at the end of the tunnel for their journey.

  2. Seeing the absolute joy on your sisters face when she told me your wonderful news yesterday was a beautiful moment. Best wishes as you start the next part of your life’s journey x

  3. I must admit, this sounds too good to be true. Please share details of your treatment, and why doesn’t the world know about this? Curing from TN stage 4 BC in one year is beyond a miracle. I have stage 4 BC, though not triple negative. What is name of clinic? And congratulations on a divine miracle! I am desperatatly in need of one. I have 2 daughters ages 7 and 10. Must live and not leave my sweet husband alone to raise them. Please respond with your guidance. Thank you.

  4. Can you please let me have the name of clinic. I have stage 2 breast cancer and refused all treatments. I have been doing alternative since last year and know I am going the right way but would love to get in touch with your clinic. We’ll done and enjoy life, you deserve it

  5. Well done Mairead! So happy for you. If you get time could you please let me know how you did this.which alternative therapies, diet etc
    Thank you and may you enjoy a Long happy healthy fun life xx

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