29. 12 movies, TV shows and documentaries I’ve enjoyed in 2017

I used to watch a lot of TV series’ and movies. And then I had a baby and life got a bit busier. Myself and Paul would go to bed at night and instead of binge watch something, we’d be asleep 5 minutes into an episode from the tiredness of parenting. We gave up on watching TV series’ together because it was taking too long to get through even one episode. That was until recently! We got some time back due to me recovering from cancer and having some ‘sick bed’ time. We have caught up on a few series during our time together in Istanbul and I have managed to watch quite a few new things this past few months. My little sis text me the other day to ask if I have any recommendations and I have loads. Here you go. You’re welcome!

TV Series

Line of Duty (Netflix)

Definitely the best series I’ve seen this year. I got sucked in within minutes of the first episode. This is fast paced, gritty, jaw dropping and leaves you begging for more. It is a drama based around an anti corruption unit in the UK police force who are ‘interested in one thing and one thing only, bent coppers!’. It’s brilliant, beginning to end. And there’s 4 seasons. What a treat! If you haven’t seen it, stop reading this post and go watch it immediately!

Lovesick (Netflix)

I binge watched this over a weekend recently. The episodes are only 25 minutes long so it took no time at all to go through two seasons. It is a kind of comedy drama about a group of 20 something friends and lovers. It makes you laugh out loud and makes you long for the two main ‘lovesick’ characters to get it together. I found myself shouting ‘just tell her’ at the telly more than once. That’s not a spoiler, it’s clear who the lovesick couple are from the off. Loved this series and can’t wait for season three!

GLOW (Netflix)

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. What a title. This series is so much fun. It follows a group of misfits who are brought together at an audition. Together with the dreamer producer and the cranky director they are trying to make a pilot of a ladies wrestling show. It is dramatic, quirky and laugh out loud at times. Loved every episode. Definitely one for binge watching.


Before the Flood

This documentary was aired on National Geographic last October. It is narrated by Leonardo Di Caprio and is a wake up call to the damage we’re all doing to the earth. It is sad, eye opening and embarassing at what is happening to the earth because of the greed of humans. I watched it three times. It should be on the secondary school syllabus. Everyone needs to see this. Watch the full documentary here.

Gringo: The dangerous life of John McAfee (Netflix)

A friend recommended this to me recently and it was a really good, if not a weird watch. Do you remember McAfee anti virus software on your computer? Well this documentary is about the founder, John McAfee. He is a character and has had a bizarre life. Described as dangerous by some people interviewed in the documentary and loved by others. Definitely worth a watch.

The Jinx – The life and deaths of Robert Durst

I watched this a couple of years ago but since I’m talking documentaries here, this is a MUST watch. It is a six part miniseries and the documentary makers feature in it too. It’s a unique kind of a watch. Robert Durst is a very, very strange guy. The series follows his life from being an heir to a real estate fortune in New York to going on the run to being accused of murder. Fascinating stuff. Watch it here.

Amanda Knox

I still don’t know if she did it or not after watching this documentary. It is fascinating to find out the ins and outs of the investigation. It gives a look at the fuck ups made by the police, the crazy media, the Ketcher family and everything in between. There’s a bit of a pattern of dark documentaries arising here… On to something a bit lighter!


Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Loved this comedy from New Zealand so much I’ve watched it twice. It follows the story of foster home reject Ricky Baker who ends up living with a childless, bush dwelling couple. Plenty of quirky characters and a calamity of fuck ups make this a really enjoyable and at times hilarious watch.

Lady in the Van

If you like Maggie Smyth, watch this. She is such a brilliant actress and perfect for this role. I watched it on one of my many plane journeys over to Istanbul. It is a true story about a homeless lady who lived out of a van in Camden in the 1970s. It focuses mainly on her and the neighbours who tried to get rid of her yet tolerated her. It is touching and has quite a nostalgic feel to it.

La La Land

I watched this in the cinema early this year. I had just come from a particularly deep therapy session and I bawled the whole way through. It was the perfect release for me. I loved the experience even though it was a bit of an emotional one. I haven’t brought myself to watch it since but I should… really loved the soundtrack and the ‘city of stars’ tune which twinkled throughout the movie.

Young Offenders (Netflix)

Loved this and laughed loads. It’s about two teenagers from Cork city who cycle miles out to a little coastal village in search of washed up bails of cocaine in a bid to sell them and get rich quick. The movie has lots of gas one liners, weird characters and gives a nice look at Cork city and coastline.


I saw this in the cinema lately and I had some reservations about going to see it because it is about war. I’m trying to keep my viewing material a little more light hearted these days but I went anyway. I thought it would be really sad and would be a tear jerker but it didn’t make me feel that way at all. It is a very unique look at the battle of Dunkirk. It shows the story from the perspective of several different people involved in the fighting and rescuing of soldiers and it makes you feel like you’re there. You’re on the boat, you’re in the fighter jet, you’re under water… The cinematography is stunning, definitely one for the big screen.

What have you seen lately that you loved? I’m always on the hunt for new binge watch recommendations. Comment below!


  1. Thanks Mairead, some we’ve seen but you’ve mentioned a few good new ones too yayy! We watch a lot… Have you seen Top of the Lake? Watching Doctor Foster now. Have you seen Rectify and you’ve prob seen The Affair.

    • Hey Christina, yep seen the affair, first season was very exciting. I got sick of the characters though. Loved season one of doctor foster, saving season two until I have a day to binge watch, it’s so good! Must check out top of the lake and rectify x

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