26. Cancer Beauty Part II – How to look normal?

Scan day is fast approaching and I feel much calmer than before. I’ve done my best these past three months and what will be will be. I have a feeling I still have some liver lesions but that the breast and bones will be clear. That’s worst case scenario for me. I always need a level of what would be the worst I can accept and anything better than that is a bonus. So I will start fasting this evening and all day tomorrow and hopefully have the scan in the early afternoon. The place that do the PET scan is separate from the clinic. They have a different set up to scanning routines at home too. It takes much longer and there’s a lot of waiting involved which means I’ll be starving by the time it’s over. Not looking forward to that. I could have killed people last time around I was so hungry! Then it’s the waiting until Friday afternoon for results… it’s really like exam time. But your life is on the line so the feelings are a little more heightened. Keep me in your thoughts won’t you?


In a quest to distract myself from bigger matters, I am posting a ridiculous video below. It gave me a laugh so it might give you one too. I’m getting a brand new set of eyebrows very soon. And I am so excited. It will be one less alien like feature to deal with. I will start to get back to looking a bit more like myself. Just need the head hair and the two stone to reappear now. I think I’ll leave the latter where it is though. Hair will be nice, but I’ll be keeping it short. It’s so flipping handy! Anyway, the very kind and generous ladies in Up To My Eyes salon in Greystones give away embrowdery eyebrow treatments a couple of times a year to people who have lost eyebrows due to the effects of chemotherapy. Embrowdery is a semi permanent eyebrow treatment in which pigment is inserted beneath the top layer of skin to create fine hair like lines. It is very real looking. They know from working in the industry for years how hair loss effects women and how much it can change the look of your face. I know I definitely feel better when I have eyebrows. I don’t feel myself without them and I never leave the house without filling them in.


I did an eyebrow tutorial a few weeks ago and while I was at it, I tested an eyebrow stamp kit I got from AliExpress and took a video of that too. It ended up being a bit of a disaster but it’s kind of funny. And these days, I’m finding that laughter is a good medicine so I thought I’d share it with you in case you need a laugh too! Watch here


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