28. Cancer Beauty Part III – Headgear – How to wrap a turban

I love wearing turbans. They’re my headgear of choice. I tried wigs but found them too scratchy and heavy on my delicate, fluffy head. I have bought several cheap ones from AliExpress but none cut it. I also have a proper professional one from The Wig Clinic which is a pretty good match to my old hair but I much prefer being wrapped up in soft materials which are colourful and pretty and warm at this time of year. They have encouraged me to make an effort fashion wise. I feel glam when I wear them and I like choosing colours and patterns to match my outfits. Its nice to dress up a little and make a bit of an effort. If I didn’t have to leave the house I wouldn’t bother but I’m a bit of a show off these days.


WhatsApp Image 2017-09-10 at 21.41.12(3)

I was lucky in Istanbul that I blended in with the locals, most of them wear some kind of headgear so I didn’t get any funny looks. I do catch a few people looking twice when I’m out and about at home, not in my hometown but if I’m in Dublin or a cafe somewhere, there are definitely a few side eyes wondering what I’m doing trying to pull off a look better suited to an African tribeswoman. I’m going with it though and have adopted it as my look. And I really like it. Might keep the turbans on the go once the hair comes back, sure why not!? Glam it up a bit!

I get asked where I get my turbans but actually, they’re scarves. I’m not sure you can buy a turban as such, it’s more that you wrap and layer scarves that gives the look. I wrap one around my head and layer two or three if I want a lot of height. It’s fun to play around with heights, colours and patterns. I’m making use of all of the scarves I’ve bought over the years and I got a few more in Istanbul in the markets when I visited. There is such a lovely selection of pashmenas and silky scarves there. I have my sights set on a few new ones like this galaxy scarf. I got this one from Desigual for a wedding I was at recently (picture below) and it is definitely my favourite.

People always ask me how I wrap the scarves into turbans too and I’m not an expert by any means but I can manage to make them look quite nice. So I put a video together to show you how I do it. Watch here.

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