12. A message of thanks

I am overwhelmed to say the least with the outpouring of love and support I’m receiving at the moment. It is making me very emotional to see all of the messages and I’m finding it hard to keep on top of replies but if I haven’t gotten back to you, I will soon, I promise! Having a hectic couple of days here before we fly out on Sunday. Haven’t even thought about packing yet. Sure it’ll come together!

I want to thank everyone so far for all of the amazing donations and offers of help for fundraising. It is the most humbling experience to see people want to help me so much. I have a lump in my throat every time I look the fundraising page. It’s hard to look at to be honest, people are SO kind. I will forever be indebted to everyone for helping me on this journey. A special thanks to cousins, aunties and uncles and to the soundest dentist in the country John Bailey in Dublin for their direct donations to me. It is so appreciated. I will make good use of this money and will be around for a long time to remind you of how amazing and supportive you all are. You are all playing a huge part in saving my life and helping secure our future. We are forever grateful.

All our love, Mairead, Paul and Ali xxx

P.S, I got my braces off yesterday, John’s good at his job eh!? Not a bad set of gnashers! (apologies for the weird snapchat filter picture, it’s the best I could do with my bed head this morning!)

snapchat mairead

Here is a link to the fundraising page. Please help if you can.


Donate Now Button

One comment

  1. Check out em’ pearly whites M-Dawg!! Great stuff, all caught up on the blog now this mornin’, really well written, your such a champ! safe travels to Turkey! All my love!!

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