9. Alternative Treatments in Healing Cancer

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks since my last post. I ended up in A&E the bank holiday weekend just gone with a pain under my arm/chest area. It was on the opposite side of my body to where my tumours are but when you have cancer, every ache and pain is more cancer. A blemish is skin cancer. A crack of a knee is bone cancer. A headache is a brain tumour! I had to check it out and dragged Paul away from a stag party in a panic to come with me to the hospital, sorry Ger! Thankfully it wasn’t related but it was worrying all the same. So between that and upping my cannabis oil dose, I’ve been too high/busy/worried to write. But I’m back. And I have so much more to share starting with alternative therapies…

I searched cancer survivor boards for stage 4 triple negative women who had survived more than a few years. Yes it’s the worse type of breast cancer with the worst prognosis but there had to be some survivors out there, right? Guess what? There were none. There was a pattern though. Every woman had the same experience. Chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, ongoing chemo in pill form, cancer free, recurrence of more aggressive cancer, possible clinical trial, more chemo, death. That’s the pattern. Just this week, two women my age with the same type of breast cancer as me, died in a group I’m part of online. That’s what lay ahead for me if I chose the conventional route. If you are on this route now and you have stage 4 cancer, I think you know your probability for long term survival isn’t good. If you want to change that, then change it! Take your healthcare into your hands, it’s YOUR life! I don’t know if what I’m doing is going to cure me, but I’m doing my best. My doctors think I’m mad. I think they’re mad. They can’t cure me. Why would I settle for a few years? Why not go for gold? Reach for the stars, climb every mountain top and reach


There are so many cancer treatments and protocols out there on the web, how do you cut through the crap and know what’s good and what’s not? There are scientific articles and studies to prove just about anything these days so how do you know what to believe? And where you do you get reputable information from? The only people legally qualified to offer advice on cancer treatment are medical doctors. And the only treatment they offer is conventional, i.e. chemotherapy, radiation, clinical trials and surgery. What if that’s not an option for you? Where do you do your research then and is it trustworthy? Who is allowed give advice on alternative cancer treatment legally? Nobody actually. Any help in this area of health is illegal. So then you go down routes of discovery that can be confusing, wrong and sometimes misleading (this is the murky world of google they talked about!). I’m nine months researching now and I’m still coming up with both dead ends and new ways to treat and kill cancer cells. It’s never ending! I had help though, Tom has spent years researching alternative cancer treatments and he advised me on which ones to go for. I didn’t have time in the beginning to research every single thing, I needed someone who had the research done and I’m lucky he had! It’s impossible to do every treatment going, you’d need 48 hours in the day. For an idea of various alternative treatments, have a look at this page. There is a lot you can do!


I remember years ago my mother showed me an article in the newspaper of a guy in Donegal who cured his cancer with wheatgrass. Does anyone know this man? Is he still alive? I think we’ve all heard the wild claims about people who have cured their cancer with baking soda, carrot juice and even breast milk! Is there any substance to these claims? Or is everyone just being fooled? What is the motive for offering alternative treatments? Is everyone out there just trying to make a quick buck? Or are people genuinely sharing information on what has worked for them? I have never come across anyone online trying to sell me anything to cure my cancer. Not once. And I have trawled thousands of pages looking for information and looking for people who have done what I am doing. I was never offered ‘cow dung’ or a magic cure by anyone. I’m sure there are thousands of scammers out there preying on vulnerable people like myself but I haven’t come across any. That’s not to say they aren’t there and I have seen plenty of warnings for people trying to sell bogus products, including cannabis oil, online. This is why it needs to be legalised and regulated so that people can have safe access to it.


So what alternative treatments am I doing? I’m reluctant to put a complete list of what I’m doing in one place because I don’t want it to be used as a blueprint for anyone else. It’s trial and error for me and I don’t think there’s a one size fits all model for cancer treatment. People have individual biological set ups and will react differently to various substances. Also, there are so many different types of cancer and they don’t all respond the same. I don’t want to be seen to be influencing anyone’s healthcare especially cancer care. Here’s a few of the things I am doing along with links to some further information. If you want to do anything I’m doing, run it past your doctor first.

Budwig Protocol – a fat and protein blend created by a German biochemist which claims to kill cancer cells

Liposomal Vitamin C – high doses kill cancer cells

Coffee Enemas – stimulates glutathione production which aids cancer cell death

Cannabis OilTHC kills cancer cells and CBD stops metastasis

Infra-Red Saunaheat kills cancer cells

Essiac Tea – a herbal blend discovered by a nurse treating a breast cancer survivor in the 1920s

Kefir – promotes gut health which is essential to healing

Juicing – overdosing the body with nutrition from vegetable juices to support healing

There are so many treatments out there for cancer. And for the different stages too. Some are more heavy duty than others, some can only be used in the early stages, some should only be used for late stages. It can get confusing! I didn’t know ANY of this before I got cancer. Why would I, sure? Who takes an interest in these things unless they directly affect you or someone close to you? I have listed some resources I use here if you want to research alternative cancer treatments further.

Next time: Chemotherapy – the history, the science and the wild claims

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  1. Hey Mairead hows it going? Can I ask in your research did you come across any benefits of intermittent fasting for aiding in cancer treatment? Or is it too dangerous as you could be too weak?

    • Hi Tirloch, only seeing this message now for some reason, still getting the hang of this blogging craic! Yes I have come across it and it is used in the clinic I attended. I fasted for 14 hours before chemo every time. It’s one of the main components of their care. Hope you’re keeping well!

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