5. What next: Part II

Cara rang me and told me she knew someone who had healed himself of stage 4 cancer naturally. Like me, he was given months to live, and like me, he went for the cure, chemo wasn’t going to save him either. And he managed to succeed in curing himself. His certain death diagnosis was 4 years earlier and now he was cancer free. I needed to meet this person. Someone in Ireland who had actually done it! Everyone else I had come across was online, and even though the stories were impressive, to meet someone in person would be quite different. It was exciting. Cara gave me Davy’s number (name changed). I rang him immediately and I could have stayed on the phone to him for hours. I had so much to ask. He told me that cannabis oil saved his life and the lives of loads of other people he knew. This was an insight into a whole new world for me. He told me a lot about it, how much I would need, how you take it, he pointed me towards a couple of documentaries to watch to learn more about it. And he said, don’t do that fucking chemo, it will kill you! I had decided not to do it anyway but I needed to tell the oncologist that. How will I stand up to her, I asked him. Just fucking say no, he said. It sounded easy.


I’m not sure if I’ve painted a good enough picture of this woman just yet. She was the ultimate authority figure, someone who was so sure of themselves and their profession, that no other opinion mattered. Imagine a really scary school teacher who you wouldn’t dare stand up to, one that made you quake in your boots. We all had one of those. She would talk down to me and my ideas as if they were the most ridiculous things she had ever heard. She told me I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, and I didn’t. But I wasn’t buying what she was selling. She couldn’t save me, why would I buy into it?

She asked me what I was planning on doing. I said I was going to change my diet, my lifestyle, I was going to take cannabis oil and a lot of other herbal remedies and supplements that are known to kill cancer cells. She cut me off, tutted and rolled her eyes. People think they can cure cancer with cow dung on the internet, she spat. I told her I wanted more time to think about what I wanted to do. I wasn’t strong enough to stand up to her and say a definite no to chemo just yet, even though that’s what I wanted to do. This woman is very hard to say no to, even for me! She told me the window is getting smaller again and soon, I’ll be out of options and I will die. She said she wouldn’t sleep worrying about me that night. Yea right. Myself and Paul could see through the disingenuous crap coming out of her mouth. What did she think I was going to say? Oh ok then, I’ll do the chemo if you’ll sleep well tonight! She told me that if I was her mother or her sister, she would rugby tackle me going out the door and make me change my mind. She really, really wanted me to do chemo. Was she actually interested in my well being or did she have other motivations? I would think about this more later and come to some conclusions, after I had better researched the cancer industry and the major players in it.

I watched the video below from Chris Wark the night before I went to see the oncologist. It really helped to calm some of the panic that exists around cancer diagnosis. I had time. I could take a couple of weeks to decide what I was going to do. Rushing into surgery, chemo, radiation is not necessary. I am a testament to that, 8 months later, I’m still here.

A note on Chris Wark… He healed himself of stage 3 colon cancer without chemotherapy over 13 years ago. He has gathered survivor stories and shares them and his treatment plan on his website chrisbeatcancer.com. He has recently developed a course called Square One which has 10 modules, each detailing various methods he and others he knows have used to heal cancer naturally. It is an amazing resource and one I’d highly recommend for anyone embarking on a healing journey, with or without chemo.

Want to know more about cannabis oil and it’s treatment for cancer? Well surprisingly, the American government have finally admitted that it does work, it’s just not FDA approved as a cancer treatment, yet. Here is a link to the US National Cancer Institute website where they give information on using cannabis in healthcare. Everything I claim on this blog will be backed up with reputable, scientific research.


Next time: Research, changing my diet and lifestyle, and taking a bit too much oil on the first go.

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  1. Hi Mairead,

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you like this.

    I love your writing and you are amazingly brave doing what you did. Thanks so much for sharing this so so important information. I’m writing to you because my sister has very bad cancer. She has undergone 2 treatments of chemo and radiation. I really don’t think there is any hope unless she can find the healing formula. Is there any way you can share some of this with me? I know you are probably inundated with questions like this and it’s not fair of us because you are still healing, but I am desperate 😦

    Any help you can offer would be amazing. I’m from Roscommon too by the way – Boyle (well not anymore but lived there for 16 years).

    Thanks so much for being an inspiration to all of us.


    On Mon, Apr 10, 2017 at 10:21 PM, MaireadMcWellness wrote:

    > MaireadMcWellness posted: “Cara rang me and told me she knew someone who > had healed himself of stage 4 cancer naturally. Like me, he was given > months to live, and like me, he went for the cure, chemo wasn’t going to > save him either. And he managed to succeed in curing himself. His ” >

    • Hi Christina,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your sister but people can heal from even the worst diagnosis. I am not in the clear yet and I’m not a doctor so I am not qualified to give any advice but I can point you in the direction of further research if that will help. I would recommend the square one module which I spoke about in this blog post. It is worth the time (10 hours) and money ($100). I just checked the website and module 1 is free to watch. It is an introduction to the course and you’ll get a good idea if you want to invest in it or not. There are loads of other places I have researched too… cancertutor.com is really good, Dr Mercola’s website… there’s a few more that aren’t coming to mind but I would start with them anyway. Best of luck to your sister, it’s a tough journey but it doesn’t mean the end! xxx

  2. […] A year ago today I was diagnosed with aggressive triple negative breast cancer. The initial diagnosis was stage three after a biopsy and ultrasound a week previous. I spoke to my sister on the phone the day before and I remember saying I could handle stage one or two but I hoped it wouldn’t be any higher. Since the biopsy and the consultants words of ‘we found something suspicious’, I had become obsessed with looking up survival rates. Stage one had a 100% five year survival rate, stage two had a 93% survival rate, stage 3 had a 72% survival rate and stage four had a 22% survival rate. I definitely didn’t want that. The following week I was diagnosed with stage four, it had spread to my liver. The consultant told me I was going to die of breast cancer. I hated her for it.  […]

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